The Saga of the Black-Clad Bard

The Curtain Rises

It begins, as most things do, in a tavern.

A cloaked figure glowers in the corner, taunting a group of adventurers with cryptic riddles alluding to a performance they’ll put on for him. He is the Black-clad Bard, and he does not seem to be anything but an illusion – disappearing before the adventurer’s eyes when finally attacked.

The adventurers, who happen to be staying in the same inn, the Endless Tale, enter some sort of group trance. Floating through the cosmos and equipped with ancient weapons and ensorcelled armor, the Bard once again calls the adventurers to perform for him. They wake from this dream to find a commotion downstairs – could this be the Bard’s doing?

[Side note: aaaand that’s enough of the present tense]



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